Use of Aero Helmets

International Cycling Union

1.3.031 1. Wearing of rigid safety headgear shall be mandatory during competitions and training

sessions in the following disciplines: Track, Mountain-Bike, Cyclo -Cross, Trial and BMX.

Elite riders participating in Major Six-Day Races on wooden tracks shall be authorised

to wear, at their own risk, leather-strap helmets, except during races behind motorcycles

("Dernys") during which the wearing of a hard helmet is mandatory.

2. During competitions on the road, a rigid safety headgear shall be worn.

Except where there are legal provisions to the contrary, riders taking part in

international events for elite men of class 4 and above may, at their own risk,

remove their headgear during the final climb when the finish of the event or stage

is on or at the summit of that climb, subject to the following conditions:


1) the climb in question is at least 5 km in length,


2) the headgear may not be removed before the start of the climb.

The headgear must be retrieved as per article 2.3.013.

During training sessions on the road and in the case covered by the preceding

paragraph, the wearing of a rigid safety headgear is recommended. In any case,

riders must always comply with the relevant legal provisions.

3. Each rider shall be responsible for:

- ensuring that the helmet is homologated in compliance with official security

regulations and that the helmet can be identified as homologated.

- wearing the helmet in accordance with the security regulations in order to

ensure full protection, including but not limited to a correct adjustment on the

head as well as a correct adjustment of the chin strap.

- avoiding any manipulation which could reduce the protective characteristics of

the helmet and for not wearing a helmet which has been manipulated or which

protective characteristics have been reduced.



In response to the many questions addressed to the UCI concerning the rule making the

wearing of helmets compulsory at cycling events (as per the reasons listed in article 1.3.031

of the rules), please note the following:

From this year, helmets must conform to a standard obtained from an official institute of

standardization. This includes headgear worn during time trials which, hitherto, did not meet

this requirement. We are aware that helmet manufacturers are researching "aero" helmet

designs that satisfy the standard. We would ask manufacturers to inform us as soon as

formalities are complete.


In the meantime however it is important to note that according to the standard, helmets

already in conformity may not be covered with an "aero" or any other kind of cap piece. To

ensure that all parties concerned are informed and that no ambiguity subsists, please note

that at the very most, it will be admissible to cover a standardized helmet with a fabric

membrane that perfectly follows the contours of the helmet without altering its protective