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02 September 2004
The Winter Time Trials
from &


In a bid to spice things up a bit the Winter TT series will be contested over the usual 10 mile, mainly, but with a twist.
There will be 10 races starting on Tuesday 5th October at 15:00 - the time may change depending on winter sunlight.

Race schedule for 2004 and the rules governing the use of Aero Helmets can be found in the right-hand column.


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24 August 2004
Sunday's Spin


Its good to see the Sunday spin still attracts a hardened crew of mad folk on two wheels. This week riders had one of two options to choose from - a spin to Pissouri and back home for lunch or to keep going to Coral Bay for Sunday dinner. As I'd not sampled the apple pie at Coral Bay it will be clear to all that know me which option I took.......
Retro Peugeot (Phil) and King of the Mountain James duelled each other up every available hill whilst in the Wainwright "camp" Tim got very pink, keeping pace with the mountain men.
The Coral Bay group just about managed to hang onto Daz's back wheel whilst he churned out an amazing average, 23mph into a gusty head wind, but we were all rewarded for our 55 mile effort with roast beef and Yorkshire Pud. Fully recommended.


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 16 August 2004
Time Trials - Race 20  - Summer 2004



Well that’s it folks for the summer series and it was a fitting end with three riders managing a personal Best.


K1 Cycling club meeting this Wednesday 19.15 at Tommie's, open to everyone, your chance to have your say.


James gained the most this week, improving his time by a massive 68 seconds which is an improvement of 4.3% on his old PB.


Steve could not quite match that but who could blame him after last weeks efforts, 25.38 was his time this week .9% improvement.


Gaz, well what is there to say about Gaz, he has been promising to PB for several weeks and he delivered with a time of 28.09, so close to the 28 min mark.


Bev informed me that she had to give him some verbal encouragement on route as she flew past this seemed to do the trick (personal motivator in the making). Well done Gaz a fine way to end the season (27.59 next year?).


Daz Cole and I duelled for the top slot, once again the half way turn was a little hectic for Daz who lost precious seconds and the lead which he was not able to regain. I don’t think it will be long before he breaks the 24min barrier.


Helen very kindly kept the time this week helped by my son Jacques, shouting instructions from the side line.


I will be producing and end of series report with this year’s news, winners, stats etc. if you would like to contribute please let me know.


For those of you who will find it hard to break the habit of the Tuesdays TT we are going for a spin around camp, normal pace with a few Kev Flint super break away`s.


Tuesday Yellow copter 6pm all welcome.


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3 August 2004
Time Trials - Race 19  - Summer 2004



There were some big points up for grabs this week with eleven riders on a mission all looking very determined. So the big question was who would PB?


Three riders managed it, Steve, Nige B and Daz C.


Steve took a massive 3 min 4 seconds away from his previous time going under 26min, Nige M deducted 52 seconds coming very close to going under 27min and Daz C shaved 5 seconds away taking his time even closer to the under 24min club.


This week’s big points and high scorers have meant that there has been a few changes on the leader board Daz C has moved to 10th position Nige & Steve are both sharing the 19th slot on 26pts. Bev has made steady progress this season and has now moved up to 4th position jumping ahead of Nige B, a PB could see her move into 3rd place.


Hot news this week is that Haldane is back firing on all his South African cylinders, after a little incident involving a car and the tarmac! He put in a great effort recording a time of 28.32 well done mate, Its good to see you on two wheels again.


Only .55 of a second separated myself and Daz Cole this week closely followed by Kev some 8 seconds on our heels.


We also had another new comer Oliver Hymas, at the enviable age of 16 is our first junior to ride the course this season, if I am not mistaken his time of 28.58 is a new junior coarse record. He seamed to really enjoy himself and hopefully will become a regular club rider and star for the future.


Thanks to Gaz for time keeping this week, it would be nice to see some different time keepers for next season so come volunteer.


Next week will be very interesting as it is the last in the summer series and if it is well attended  again there should be some big points up for grabs.


Good luck everyone and lets try and make it a memorable last run.


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08 August 2004
For Sale - The Bike of a World Long Distance Triathlete


Your chance to buy some speed


Giant TCR Aluminum Frame with Carbon fork – White red and grey.

Size small – will fit from 5’ -  5’ 10” rider

Built with Cinelli Angel one piece aero bar

Shimano Ultegra group set with Dura Ace bar end shifters

Rolf Vector Wheels + a spare set of Giant wheels

Carbon aero seat post


If you can’t go fast on this bike then give up.


Get that PB for just 750 Cy Pounds


For more info contact on

99895694 or 25826028


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30 July 2004
Time Trials - Race 18  - Summer 2004



This week’s new comer Steve showed us all how begin a TT with a perfect start clipping in his pedals like a real Pro. Kev just managed to beat Daz C who came up with an excuse about a car at the turn point (he was on a flyer until that point).


If Kev PB`s in the next two races he could put a stop to Gary’s spell at the top, will he be able to do it?


Thanks again to Haldane for time keeping without him there couldn’t be a time trial.


The next race is on Tuesday. Get signed in by 15.45 and the first rider away 16.00

Only two more Races left until the summer break which has been well earned.


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30 July 2004
Time Trials - Race 17  - Summer 2004



Family commitments forced me to miss this weeks TT so Haldane kindly came to the rescue again, what would we do with out him?


The tandem crew Steve & Gill worked as one to PB by 1min 9seconds, I have spotted Steve & Gill training several times this month so the hard work is paying off. Once again Gary broke the 24 min barrier but was stopped from gaining max points by Daz with a super time of 22.45.


It would be nice to end the summer series with a new course record so come on Daz we are all rooting for you.


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13 July 2004
Time Trials - Race 16  - Summer 2004



This week we had very little wind, so with the Cyprus summer coming a little early it was like riding with a hair dryer in your face! Smudge had the best idea staying in his air conditioned car until the last minute, whilst we all stood around sweating and gassing (or was he trying to get off paying his subs?).


A very big Virgin TT welcome to James, Helen and Judith who all recorded very respectable times considering the heat. It is really great to welcome new faces to the TT as it makes the event much more fun for all involved.  So come on encourage a few more to come along and have ago.


At last Kev has moved to 2nd , 11 points behind Smudge, it is looking increasingly likely that it will come down to the final week (Just like the Tour De France).


Terry made an appearance this week after his short break and has moved to 8th on the leader board.


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6 July 2004
Time Trials - Race 15  - Summer 2004



I must start this weeks TT results with an apology to Bev and Ozzy for failing to mention their magnificent efforts from last week Sorry!!


Bev made an improvement of some 8 seconds on her PB a little closer to the women’s record. Ozzy took a massive 56 seconds away going well under 8 minutes for the first time, you can only go faster so keep training.


This week saw the return of Daz C to the TT after his long spell back in the UK, he must have been putting in some secret training as he clocked up a time of  24.15, well done and we look forward to seeing you on the training rides.


The man to watch this week was supersonic Gaz who has finally manage to PB by 2 seconds. He has been trying really hard all season juggling rugby and cycling, so with five races left until the end of the summer series is he on for a final sprint?


I am starting to get a little suspicious of the Episkopi Riders (is it the water?) they posted some great times again with Smudge and Bev once again coming very close to their PB`s.


On a slightly sadder note we have to say fair well to Nige who is disappearing back the UK on posting. Nige has been a regular at the weekly TT and my personal top tip for the leader board, through hard work and regular training he steadily improved his TT times amassing 110 points and improving his time by 99 seconds.


We do hope that you keep riding back in sunny England and keep us posted on your performances.


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29 June 2004
Time Trials - Race 14  - Summer 2004



We had our first brave/mad MTB rider this week Mark who rode well to achieved a respectable first run off 35.06 ( not bad on knobbly wheel's), I can see a that time coming down before the season ends.


Once again Gary had a superb run and smashed his PB to 23.40, he has timed his training/ season to perfection going to the top of the league at just the right time and looks favourite to win. How does he do it, has David Millar been coaching him and will he go any faster?


22 June 2004
Time Trials - Race 13  - Summer 2004



I set myself up for a big fall this week telling Gary and Kev that I was feeling really good and would  kick their butts, well, that inspired Gary to not only catch me but achieved a fabulous new PB time of 23.56, well done. 


Its great to see some of the regular riders achieving PB`s after all the hard training that they have been putting in, Hopefully a few more including myself can go a little faster before the summer series ends?


At the top of the leader board its still a very close run thing between Nige, Kev, Gary and myself, with only three points to separate us and seven races left of the summer series we still do not have a definite leader.


We are thinking of getting some cycle shirts with a new club logo on, if you are interested please let me know cost will be between £15 - £25. Once I have more details price, new logo design and colour white, blue, pink ????  I will let you know (give me some please !!)


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16 June 2004
Time Trials - Race 11 & 12  - Summer 2004



Big apologies for not sending last week’s results, I have no excuses other than, my cat ate them then I got kidnapped by aliens, so sorry.


RESULTS for 08/06/04

This week we had our first tandem competitors Steve & Gill, they worked really hard to record a fabulous time of 37.07 (new club record), not bad considering the wind was gusting strongly again and it was their first ever TT. Well done and hope to see you both soon with more favourable winds.

This week we had the pleasure of Mark who is visiting from the UK he clocked the fastest time of the day at 24.31. There were no PB`s this week so little changed on the score board.


RESULTS for 15/06/04

Well who put a rocket on Kev's bike this week he has improved his PB by11 seconds (24.03) unfortunately he decided to do it on a day when we only had five competitors so only scores 14. Once again Nige pulled another PB out of the hat to take max points, it will be a shame to lose him as he is posted soon and was my top tip this league.


After last weeks weather the conditions were near perfect, this gave a boost to Gaz and Bev who came very close to their PB`s (9&16secs).


Big changes to the leader board with Kev's super PB he is now within 5 pts of the leaders, Nige and I are joint top on 99pts so its still anyone’s.


PS. do you know anyone with a Tricycle?


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12 June 2004
Bike Trekking



Here's something that will get the 'serious' biker thinking, and probably drooling, how about guided mountain biking in Cyprus?


Well it's been brought to my attention that such a pursuit exists in Pissouri, and the company is called Bike Trek Cyprus.


If burning up the forest trails of Cyprus appeals to you, then why not visit the site, and see all that they have to offer.


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6 June 2004
Lofou Village Spin


Well who turned up the heat? Today's ride to Lofou was a tough one.

Next Sunday, 12th June, we're going to Aphrodite's Rock - again at an easy pace.

See you at 8 o'clock yellow copter or 10 to 9 at Episkopi main gate.

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1 June 2004
Time Trials - Race 10 - Summer 2004



This weeks TT was very eventful and will be traumatic for one individual when he remembers what happened. Thankfully Haldane is ok, which is more than could be said for his poor bike and skid lid which took the brunt of the fall. It really does hammer home the need to always wear a crash hat no matter how short or hot the ride is.


We all wish you a speedy recovery Haldane and hope to see you back on your bike soon.


As for this weeks TT.


Sorry Will, your claim at being first back for max points in a time of 50 min has not passed the race committee (me). As everyone showed concern for Haldane and stopped to help, I have decided to postpone the points until next week, however next week all those who rode this week will have the chance to double points so that should motivate you all to PB.  


Keep on riding and get well soon Haldane



PS. I was on for a sub 23 min honest.


Response 5 June 2004


I went to the SBA police, and gave my statement today, and told them everything, (as best as I remember!!!), and when I was finished, they confirmed that, according to the witness, the guy who hit me had overtaken the truck, drove in the right lane, across the solid white line, and hit me at right angles as I was turning.

They confirmed that the truck sounded his horn to warn both of us. The police were preparing to interview the driver of the Pajero under caution. His car hasn't one scratch from my collision, and has some scratches down the left side from another accident.

Those scratches confused the issue. Also the fact that he drove on and turned around, and that is why his car was facing the wrong way at the scene!


I dropped my bike off at Micromania today, and it looks like it will be written off!

I went for a CT scan yesterday, and all seems OK. I still feel and behave a bit dopey though! Doesn't help that I don't sleep well because of the aches!!!
We don't have to look for a timekeeper for Tuesday!!! I'll be there to do that! Only trouble is that you'll all have to introduce yourselves again!!! I'll try get to the CYTRIFED tri on Sunday to give some support!
Cheers, and thanks again for everything!


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25 May 2004
Time Trials - Race 9 - Summer 2004



Once again I managed to get a sick note from my Mum due to a cold and had to be happy watching Kev get a puncture and throw his bike into the bushes (bad luck mate).


Eight riders turned out for this weeks dose of pain, Steve and Will showed that they have been clocking up the extra miles, achieving PBs and putting a mid season burst on the points table.


Nige has moved to the top once again, Bev was only 6 seconds away from her PB and Smudge rocketed home with the fastest time of the day to score 10pts.


PS  I'm still after volunteers for time keeping!!


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23 May 2004
Time Trials - Race 8 - Summer 2004



After last weeks hectic event it was nice to get back to normal. Daz Sharpe showed better form this week recording the fastest time of 22.41 gaining a much needed 10 points and moving up to seventh place. Anthea, Will & Ozzy all worked hard this week achieving PB`s lets hope they can keep it up and move to the top of the leader board.


With only 16 points separating the top 4 places it’s still anyone’s race so can Kev, Smudge or Nige go that extra mile and dislodge myself from the top?



PS Any volunteers for time Keeping please…..


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18 May 2004
Time Trials - Race 7 - Summer 2004



This weeks TT was another windy affair and I am not talking about Ozzy's flatulence (thanks for collecting the money this week Oz). The strong cross winds was not enough to put off three new comers M Jackson, M Smith & A Sharpe hope to see you next week (with a skid lid please M Jackson!) Anthea showed great promise recording an excellent time of 27.58 (not bad for her first TT with cleats). Keeping it in the family Daz recorded the fastest time of the day beating his nearest rival by 28sec


The League table has seen a change at the top with Nige slipping to 2nd place and myself finally making it to the top. I am not sure how much faster I can go, but Nige must have at least another minute in him so watch out for another run of PB`s.


Big thanks to Kev for all the help with the Army Triathlon Team this week, back to normal next week.







D Sharpe



M Little



P Lajoie



T Grant



J Aspel



S Scott



G Smith



J Wilson



M Handby



A Porter



K Flint



N Bateson



V Reeves



K Abbott



M Turner



S Raetchus



A Poulson



J Chapman



N Wilkinson



S Basson



P Matheson



R Thomas



B Childs



M Smith



A Sharp



B Steve



N Bostock



S Knight






G Davis



I Fletcher



M Jackson



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4 May 2004
Time Trials - Race 6 - Summer 2004


Sorry for the delay in sending the result but I have been a little busy re-gigging the points system. It was pointed out, that there was little incentive other than to PB if you failed to make a top five place e.g. no PB or top five place you only score 1pt.

The points have been extended to included the top 10 riders (1st scores 10pts, 2nd scores 9pts  , 3rd scores 8pts, 4th scores 7pts, 5th scores 6pts, 6th scores 5pts, 7th scores 4pts, 8th scores 3pts, 9th scores 2pts;  every other rider from 10th onwards scores 1pt). This new system has had little effect on the positions but has made a difference to everyone’s points total . If you can think of any further improvements to the points system please and we will discuss it for the following season.

The whole point of the weekly TT is to attract new cyclist and to improve on existing PBs. It is always going to be hard to break a PB at the beginning of the season. If you are determined and train hard it can be done, ask Bev and Terry.

 04/05/05 TT Results

Thanks to the Army Triathlon Team we had 41 riders for this weeks TT. With strong cross winds there was little chance of a PB, although Steve B came the closest just 34sec short (PB next week?).

Thanks to the 9 club riders who turned out we performed really well scoring highly with Daz coming second.

Special thanks to Kev, Smudge and Haldane for making us look organised and the local law enforcement for policing the turn.

 See you all next week

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27 April 2004
Time Trials - Race 5 - Summer 2004



A big welcome to Steve B and Will L for plucking up the courage and attempting the TT, good luck breaking those PBs next week. Well done to Haldane, Nige, Ozzy & myself for recording new PBs.


I am not sure if my legs can go any faster my be if I shave them (now come on.....webmaster) it will help.


Nige is still leading on points but with plenty of races left and everyone recording some great times it’s anyone’s race.


Question for the week.

Smudge is within 29 seconds of his PB; can he do it next week?


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23 April 2004
U.K. Time Trials


First Time Trial in the UK: this one a friendly club run affair The Eynsham 10.

It had been tipping it down all day. Are you going out in this? Tina asks.

Well I better go and see if they are running it. Yes they are and wait ¾ hour to let the storm blow over! Just blown up the tyres carefully and was trying to think of some way to keep the bike dry when the rear tyre exploded the tube had stuck to the tyre, apparently.

It stops raining and I am number 1 being the new guy and set off down the road into the teeth of what felt like a force 10. Water splashes up my back, quickly soaking the crutch and the rest of ample clothing set up (thermal vest, leg, arm warmers and over boots).

The HRM is playing up and reads 88bpm so I put a bit more effort in and it flashes 188, 210 and 44 in quick succession. I ignore it and look at the speed 19.6 I redouble the effort and am rewarded with a bit of stitch. I am in biggest cog on the back and drop to the 39 to get the cadence up. Finally turn left out of the head wind and into a side wind which worked my forearms.  

Slashing through puddles and back into a headwind time was slipping away 14 minuets gone nowhere near the turn yet. No ones passed me yet so I try for a bit of speed. Getting close to the hedge I manage to get to 22.5 and wet but that hardly seems to be important. 15 minutes gone and still nowhere near the turn yet: have I missed it it’s only a ten.

Round the corner and I see the turn but 16 has passed that means a 32 plus, still, no ones got passed yet.  A check of the road: a car will ruin the turn. The marshal is fantastic although slowed I don’t unclip and race off back down the road. Nearest chap is a minute down the road but is number 4 so two up on me then.  The speed is good and thirty plus is the speed except for the side wind through the village right onto the main road and with the wind dead behind pushes me along to the finish just missing 40.

I cross the line in 27:27. But still not passed which is the first positive thing that came to mind. It’s not like this in Akrotiri!

Keep up the race
(Thanks for the report Steve, puts sunshine TT's in their perspective eh Guys & Gals? Webmaster)

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20 April 2004
Time Trials - Race 4 - Summer 2004


Thanks to Bev for time keeping this week, and with two new comers to the season Nige M & Ozzy the turn out was very good. Kev clocked the best time scoring a much needed 10 points despite tired legs from Sundays Race (due to poor pre-race preparation).


Nige B and Terry both rode well producing excellent PB`s well done.


As you can see from the points (see results below) it’s getting very interesting Nige B has just hit the front by two points can he keep it up.


Will Terry PB next week and is Kev going to break 24min?


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16 April 2004
Time Trials Summer 2004


Will Bev Childs take the women's course record this year?
Fastest Lady
Victoria Webb

Thanks to you all for being so patient with me since I have taken over the K1 Cycle Club and for supporting the TT.

So here are the RESULTS to date.

 As you can see with the introduction of the new points system things are a lot closer than previous years, and when those PB start coming down it will get very interesting.

Spin soon 


Already the new points system has made the running interesting with a 4 way tie for 3rd.

A single PB could change everything.


Good luck for next week. Pay your money @ 15:45 first rider away at 16:00. Any volunteers for time keeping next week?

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7 April 2004
Argus Cycle Tour 2004

I was in Cape Town, South Africa again in March, to compete in the Argus Cycle Tour. It is traditionally held on the second Sunday in March, and is limited to 35 000 entrants. It is the world's largest individually timed Cycle race.

 I'd competed in my first race in 1997 on a mountain bike, and managed to compete in every second event. Normally my preparation wasn't very good, usually getting on a bike about 2 weeks before! It's a fun event, although participants are seeded. The first group starts at 06h15, and consists of pros. A group of 6-700 competitors starts every 5 minutes thereafter, until 08h25, after which they start every 4 minutes until the last group starts at 10h21. The atmosphere is very jovial, and some people dress up in fancy dress similar to the London Marathon.

 I was lucky to be starting at 07h35, which meant that I should be finished before midday, and the really hot part of the day. I was planning to finish the event in around............more

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30 March 2004
Summer Series 2004 - Week 1


The first race of the season attracted 8 riders, the mood seemed a little subdued as first run nerves and anticipation of a good opening time got the better of all competitors.

The conditions were near perfect and had this been further into the season personal bests would have been a certainty. Despite everybody's best efforts no PB's were recorded this week.

A welcome return to Mick & Rob two past club members who took time out of their holiday to do battle. (Rob is one of the founder members of the Akrotiri 10).

Although the PB's were not forthcoming the times were good and early indications point towards the course record being broken this year with Bev perfectly poised to take the ladies record.


Next race is Tuesday
Get signed in by 15:40 pay your money and first rider away at

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3 March 2004
AEL Race

This Sundays ride is related to AEL cycle team training. All are welcome, however please be mindful the pace may be quite strenuous.

The plan is to meet at yellow helicopter Akr at 0700 with cars. Drive to Paphos and do the route of the first AEL race. This is approximately 50 miles, Paphos to Epi and back. A bite to eat at Paphos then Drive home back for around 13:30 ish.

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15 February 2004

Three riders made the 08:00 start for the morning spin to Lofou - Bev, Howard and Me. A big welcome to Howard, a UK based Triathlete studying at Premier Global. He found us mad folk via the web site (Well done web master!!!).

Gusting winds and near freezing temperatures made the route interesting and dare I say it..... character building? In the photos you can see the snow capped Troodos mountain, we passed a bit of the white stuff on route. Its fair to say it was the cutting wind that caused the most grief, on arrival at the Lofou Tavern we had to defrost our feet, still the stunning scenery and mixed omelette made the trip worth while.
My GPS told me we covered 48 miles with a max speed of 42Mph, my tired legs told me we'd done a lot more - it must have been the 2 hour climb at the start. Ride of the week goes to Howard, for - getting up earlier than anyone else, travelling from Paphos for the 08:00 start, riding the route with no over shoes and pretending his feet were still warm. Well done dude.

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07 February 2004
Steve Eaton on the move

Hi all,


Thanks to Kev for changing the points system, I have tried to change the system for the last two years with a lot of head banging on the old brick walls.


It is hard when you have gone so fast and your PBs have slowed down but you are on top form and still coming in first or second place week in week out so thanks to Kev although I won't see much of the 10 TT at Akrotiri due to posting and promotion but I will be hitting the U.K. with a bang.


Good luck to the people of the 10 mile TT for this year and hopefully the course record will go this year hopefully to me in the 2-3 races I can do.


Good luck to all

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07 February 2004
Getting ready for the 2004 TT  season

A big thank you to Daz.

Daz spent a good two hours this morning, servicing, repairing and generally getting all the club bikes up to standard.
The  10 mile TT will start as from the last Tuesday in March. First rider away at 16:00. I'm planning some changes to the points system. The first 5 riders will also be rewarded with points - this will be in addition to the PB points. Hopefully this will open the trophy up to more riders.
I still need a time keeper. How about each week we talk a friend or partner into watching the clock,  or is there any K1 members who don't TT who want to be or timekeeper?

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26 January 2004
Pano (Upper) Pissouri on a wet day

Dedicated athletes or mad fools?
This week the Cyprus weather offered some rather different challenges, the first being to jump over the puddle outside my front door. Needless to say the 09:00 meet at the yellow helicopter didn't appeal to anybody else, it was a lonesome start on a damp day.

Fortunately, by the new SBA Police Station I met Bev, we remarked on the near perfect conditions with a smile and then headed for Pissouri. We worked hard on the hills and laughed in the face of the rain, safe in the knowledge that an hour in the rain  is equal to two in the dry - (Law of Phil - who was excused due to a sore throat)

We are both awarded the spin of the week and I clearly walked the new award - World Title for Baggy Pants!!!


We clocked up 53 miles and as I sign off remember this..... races are seldom cancelled due to rain.

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5 January 2004
Pano (Upper) Pissouri Revisited

For the first ride of 2004 five riders made it out to shed some Christmas pounds. Jenny couldn't make the 08:00 start time, but still had the motivation to take herself out over the 53 mile route to Pissouri.- Well done Jenny, maybe catch up with you in the week?
Steve Eaton decided to go and play with the dirt monkeys this week, so Phil and I had nobody to tease, we made do by racing each other up every available hill. It has to be said Phil got the better of me on more than one occasion; the only thing you may ask is..... who's taking the photos, riding one handed and making light work of Happy Valley?
Ride of the week goes to Nige Mortimer. It's been a while since Nige has been out for anything over a couple of hours, but again he showed his class by happily spinning along at 20+ mph. He even gets quote of the week, after we decided to ride to the top of Pissouri village he shouted up "You guys are sick!!!" - to which the reply was... "Well, your following us." Cool - well done Nige.
Bev was also out. Well done Bev for your great result in the World Champs, welcome home and happy New Rear.
With the Duathlon season just around the corner, it's now down to some serious training. The next group ride will be on Thursday. Watch your e-mail for timings, meeting place and route.

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21 December 2003
Pano (Upper) Pissouri

Four riders made the later 09:00 start. A big welcome to Trish who took her mountain bike as far as Kolossi. Well done Trish , not many can propel an ageing heavy mountain bike at 15mph.

We'll keep our eyes open for a good second-hand road bike for you

The remaining 3 riders, myself, Steve and Phil set about riding to Pissouri. Phil, sporting a 27 on the rear felt the need to try it out on the hilliest route he could find and with that decided to ride to the very top of Pissouri village. He made light work of the climbs - and appeared quite bored by the whole thing, falling asleep at the top.
The biggest gear I had on offer was a 21, needless to say I nearly pulled the handlebars from my frame and came close to popping both kneecaps - thankfully both remained intact to the top.

As you can see from the photos, Phil was asleep, Steve was so tired at the top he had to hold onto the wall, and.... don't let my false smile fool you, my early eighties Oakley's are hiding my eyes, which are on stalks at this point!!!

A quick pit stop and refuel at Pissouri was called for - sorry about the last piece of apple pie Phil, it was very nice..... Our coffee's must have been laced with something competitive as the return trip was all about out doing each other. The pace was quick. I crossed the Ryan's finish line first by a bike length in front of Phil, Steve was a lonely third. Ha!!!! Thanks Steve, Phil and I really appreciated your hard work across the Salt Lake.

Pissouri beach to Camp Gate 1Hr 15 - not a bad time when you consider you have Happy Valley to contend with.

Ride of the week goes to Phil, for making light work of the climbs, for not moaning too much when I had the last piece of apple pie and for out doing Steve at least 3 times on the way home.

It has to be said Steve was on form and made sure the pace never dropped - thanks mate, Phil and I actually wanted an easy ride!!! A total of 53miles was covered, max speed 40mph, average 24ish.

21 December 2003
Chilly ride to Petra Tou Romiou (Aphrodite's Rock)

With many of the WSBA riders away in Blighty or embroiled in Christmas shopping it was left to three riders to keep the Sunday tradition alive. Toast and coffee at Aphrodite's Rock was the target. Don't let the blue skies in the photo's fool you, the 08:00 start was a chilly affair.
The coastal ride provides some stunning scenery and virtually traffic free roads make this route essential riding. Despite the early nip in the air it was a perfect morning, I guess any UK rider would gladly swap their December weather with ours; sadly guys its not up for swapping!!!
On the way back Phil was keen to up the pace, Daz and I were certainly working hard to match his efforts. In fact Phil went that fast some bits of his bike fell off. He spent a good ten minutes in the bushes trying to find them.
I'm giving myself (Kev Flint) ride of the week - only because I put the extra pound in for the coffee bill (webmaster: don't feel sorry for him, he's MOD employee, he can afford it).

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14 December 2003
Blustery ride to Pissouri Village

Its was great to see another good turn out by the WSBA cycling club,  despite the blustery conditions seven riders made the slightly earlier time of 8 o'clock. The outward pace was a little brisk, with a tail wind we were happily spinning along at 23mph. Coffee and cakes at Pissouri was our target.
After a whole load of whimping out a couple of weeks ago, all riders made the final climb into Pissouri village, Jenny was so happy she even broke into song.
For those club members who remember the infamous Steve Hardy and the cheeky shorts he regularly fashioned, Alex was keen to see, Sunday remained holy day.
Ride of the week is shared between two riders Jenny and Gaz. Jenny for keeping pace with those time trial gurus and Gaz for riding with a poorly ankle. Gaz, rugby and cycling don't mix - when are you going  to learn?!!!!
A big welcome to Phil a new club member. Phil is a Lands end to John O'Groats veteran and is used to the big mileage, I'm sure we can find some big enough hills to keep you happy - or at least to slow you down a bit !!!!
We clocked up nearly 50 miles today, watch your e-mail for next weeks training. I'll organise some trips to Paphos over Christmas.

7th December 2003
Sunday ride to Lophou Village.

Last week I promised fantastic scenery for this weeks spin and I don't think the 3 other riders that joined me were disappointed, Jenny, Haldane and  Alex. We set off at 9 and after a brief warm up we soon found ourselves into the first 10 mile climb, in fact the whole route is best described as uphill.
On one of the descents I got a little over enthusiastic and at speeds of a little over 45mph I over shot the turn to Lophou and didn't realise until we arrived at the Pachna turn; sorry guys - I was just thinking of your weekly mileage, the extra 6 mile helped us clock up the 52 mile we covered today. What would you do without me?
A quick u-turn saw us soon back on track for light refreshments at the Lophou Tavern. Haldane and I can recommend the mixed omelette - very nice!!!! After a short stop we were on our way for a little goat herding.
Ride of the week belongs to Jenny. For all those club members who are a little shy of Sunday rides Jenny should be an inspiration. Jenny has been here for 4 weeks, she is on a club bike and already comfortable packing in those half centuries. Well done Jenny, a promising season awaits!!!

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Troodos to the coast

No better way of getting out to see the sights, and enjoy the hospitality of a Taverna after a ride out.

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6 - Alex Archibald...26.52

1 - Vicky Web..........27.02

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