This report covers the period May 03 - Apr 04


The triathlon race season started in May and as in previous years, follows a 6 race league with the best 4 positions counting towards the final results. This of course means that just winning in not necessarily good enough to win the league. Consistency is the key.


In August, the RAF champs were incorporated into the Standard distance race and then in September, K1 hosted the Inter-Services triathlon competition. CBFC and Cdr WSBA both witnessed a superb race and commented afterwards that apart from being "barking" it was obvious that triathlon was thriving and deserved its Inter Service status within BFC. 2003 was the year for the RAF, who will look forward to defending the title in September 04 when the race moves to Dhekelia. Having been delayed due to Op Telic, the Tri-Starís Childrenís Triathlon also took place in September. The children love this event, and from an adult prospective it is a very hard, yet rewarding 2hours of total organised chaos!


October saw the final triathlon of the season, charity fun event and annual prize giving. As mentioned previously, the points score from the individuals best 4 races (which either had to be all long course or all short course) are added together and the person with the lowest aggregate score is the winner. Therefore the 2003 hall of fame is as follows:


Long Course - Menís Winner - Doug Malcolm 9 pts

††††††††††††††††††††††† 2nd - Smudge Smith 11 pts

††††††††††††††††††††††† 3rd - Nige Bostock 15 pts


††††††††††††††††††††††† Female Winner - 1st = Bev Childs and Vicky Webb 5pts each


††††††††††††††††††††††† Veteran Winner - Dave Allen 20 pts


Short Course - Menís Winner - Haldane Van Horen 20 pts

††† ††††††††††††††††††† 2nd - Trev Preece 28 pts


††††††††††††††††††††††† Female Winner - Anthea Wagstaff


In addition to the league, the club awards 3 special prizes. These were awarded as follows:


Most Improved Triathlete - Daz Sharpe


Welcome to Triathlon Award - Gaz Davis


Courage and Determination Award - Trisha Hymas


Other significant achievements - Daz took part in his first Half Ironman distance race at Dhekelia and won, he followed that with selection into the RAF UK squad to race the same distance at Sherbourne for the Inter Services Half Ironman. He is now hoping to expand this even further with selection into the GB age group World long course team.

Kev Flint went the extra mile and completed the Longest Day, Ironman distance event.

I went to New Zealand for the World Champs - tough course - great experience.

Trisha Hymas completed her first Standard distance race at the Inter Services and collected money for her charity at the same time.

Anthea Wagstaff probably works harder than anyone but still turns up month after month on her mountain bike as she is too small to find a racing bike to fit her.

Gaz Davis has lost over 5 stone and gone from being a rugby playing heavy weight to a lightweight cyclist and Triathlete.


With the exception of affiliation and insurance fees which are recoverable from the Cyprus Sports Board, the club is totally self financing. To this end, membership fees have stayed the same, but a new category of temporary member has been included. In addition, bike hire fees have been raised. This is because a substantial sum of money is spent on repair and maintenance of the 14 bikes that the club loans. Many of these are requested for loan by short term visitors. As club equipment is only available to club members, the temporary membership at £3.00 allows us flexibility.


The cycle club requested that they come under the umbrella of the triathlon club. This was agreed, mainly to allow them to use our treasurer for their accounts. Although most cyclists are K1 members, time trial monies are accounted for but segregated from the main K1 account. The profits are used for end of season time trial trophies and medals. Cyclists who are not K1 members are not entitled to use K1 bikes or equipment.


Swimming - Every Wednesday - swim membership is £10 (the club pays C£180.00 a year for the facility) and £1 for each swim. The additional pound is to offset the cost of our coach to whom we pay £5.00 per session.


Web Site - Glyn Davies has done a sterling job this last year, creating and managing the website. Apart from the webmaster, the site is only as good as the information that Glyn receives. If you want to advertise anything, write a training programme, send in your favourite energy booster recipe etc just sent it in. The web site has proved its worth by attracting personnel who are visiting Cyprus to get in touch. This has included UK Triathletes, and both the British and Irish National teams.


Overall, the club continues to be strong and financially secure, but as with any club, the success is due to the committee keeping things running. We are still short of committee members and would love to hear from anyone who thinks they can help us and make a contribution to the club. Membership reflects an average of 50 members, and as all clubs, continually changes with postings in and out. I thank you for continuing to support the club and look forward to May when the triathlon season re-starts with the childrenís triathlon on 8 May, followed on the 9th with the Army (UK) challenging Cyprus to a triathlon. More details on that weekend will be published in the near future. For those with wetsuits - as the water will still be cold at this time of year, and who want an early start to the season, the Cyprus Tri Fed are host to the Small Nations of Europe Triathlon on 18th April. This is a draft legal race over the standard distance.


Finally, there are two more Duathlons to keep you going until the end of winter. Keep training and good luck for the new season