The tradition was kept and the titles of the championships for both women and men went to Luxembourg for the fifth consecutive year.


18th of April was another sunny and beautiful day on the island of Cyprus. The air temperature was 22°C and the water temperature 17.5°C. In the women’s race Diana Chelius (LUX) emerged first from the water followed by Jackie Komes (LUX) 8 seconds behind and Maria Mifsud Bonnici (MLT) further 3:17 back. During the bike Diana Chelius kept her lead entering the second transition first, while Maria Mifsud Bonnici managed to change positions with Jackie Komes. In the run Komes pushed decisively and crossed the line first defending her title with an overall time 2:09:26. Maria Mifsud Bonnici finished second only 17 seconds behind Komes.


In the men’s swim everybody stayed together in one group until after 500 meters, when Jacques Lepen (MON) pulled ahead and a chase pack was formed behind him a few meters back. By the end of the swim Jacques Lepen had a lead of about 1:30 from the second Soteris Nicolaou (CYP), as he flashed through the transition area on to the 5 lap 40Km bike. One minute behind Soteris Nicolaou, a group followed consisting of Mark Zammit (MLT), Cristian Krombach (LUX), Baraquin Laurent (LUX) and Bruno Fiore (MON). Last year’s champion Tom Carier was further back.


Mark Zammit after an impressive ride managed to finish the bike leg first followed by Jacques Lepen and Soteris Nicolaou. A group of six athletes including Cristian Krombach rushed through the transition only seconds behind the leaders promising a very close race.


The six lap 10Km run was along the promenade by the old port of Limassol, a favourite passing time venue for locals and tourists. The crowds were cheering the efforts of the athletes all the way.


Cristian Krombach run the 10Km in 32:58 and claimed the first position with a time of 1:51:54, leaving Tom Carier in the second place with a time of 1:52:30. Home favourite Soteris Nicolaou managed to make his best ever time on the course (1:55:50) and win 8th position for his country.


The first three winners of each category are:


1. Cristian Krombach 1:51:54

2. Tom Carier 1:52:30

3. Bruno Fiore 1:53:01


1. Jackie Komes 2:09:26

2. Maria Mifsud Bonnici 2:09:43

3. Diana Chelius 2:12:02