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29 July 2004
‘Daz has gone – long live Daz’

 August sees the heat turned up in more ways than one.  This race was the first Olympic distance race of the season at the club and also saw RAF personnel competing for the honour of  being RAF Cyprus champion. The Olympic or standard distance race is twice as long as the previous Sprint distance races and so now athletes had to swim 1500m(sea), cycle 40km and then run 10km. For those who like to race short and fast there was still the super-sprint event with its  300m/15km/3km format.

 Olympic Distance Race

 With the August heat both races started at 0800 and 14 men and 3 ladies turned out at 0700 to register for the event. >>>>>more

29 July 2004
Inter-services (Cyprus) 2004
by (Hoplite Triathlon Club)


Get yourselves all fired up, 'cause in a few short months it's going to be the battle of the year.

The Hoplite Triathlon Club, Dhekelia, are hosts this year for the highly competed for Inter-services (Cyprus). Although it will be an open race for all-comers, the focus will be on the two teams (the Royal Navy have never entered a team) as they battle it out to see who is the better Armed Force.

The RAF won it last year, and to be truthful the RAF have only won it twice in my memory, so as underdogs they will be chomping to take the honours again this year, especially as it is being held around the Army Garrison at Dhekelia.

The details for the race are in the right-hand column, and links can also be found on the Calendar page.

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18 July 2004
You can't put a great Club down

The K1 Triathlon Club journeyed to the ESBA for some change of scenery on Sunday 11th July, to the Hoplite Triathlon Club situated at the Mole, just up from the CESSAC coffee shop and beach.

is the co-ordinator of the Club, since the departure of Toby, and is doing a fine job of promoting Triathlon amongst the new arrivals of 1 QLR.

Unfortunately for the Hoplite Club, the K1 Triathlon Club with it's vast experience, and having acclimatised through winter and summer training took pride of place in the Olympic Distance.

Check the RESULTS, and Paul can't claim that the K1 athletes went fast in the water because of a 'Hammerhead' shark in the vicinity, as he failed to mention the fact in the briefing.

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31 May 2004
Race 2 - What a Great Race on Sunday 30 May 2004

I thought I'd jot a few notes down about today's race as there were some noteworthy performances, heroism and outright courage displayed by our international field.

On that sentiment, this morning just demonstrates what a great ambassador sport is, the opposition being drawn from our friends in the Republic of Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Canada, South Africa, HollandScotland, Ireland, Wales, England and - just to keep Daz happy Isle of Man.

With the World long course looming Daz must be happy with his performance - there is just no stopping this guy - a year ago he couldn't do a 100 metres of freestyle and today he exited the water first well ahead - well done Daz. The K1 TRIATHLON CLUB are proud of your achievements and wish you well in the next couple of weeks.

Ozzy too is a man on a mission. After only one full season of Triathlon under his belt; he is now starting to demonstrate just how much work he's putting in running home strong to finish 4th. It is great to see so many athletes going so well (I just wish I was one of them) and if any of you need any further motivation - in my intro I mentioned heroism and courage.

Today Trish Hymas stopped mid race and swam back to help a fellow competitor who was struggling with cramp and Wendy Lash, a less confident swimmer battled on relentlessly in tough conditions. Well done both, you may not be first to cross the line, but it is your effort, determination and tenacity which is at the very heart of this crazy sport we call Triathlon.
Happy racing all - see you next month
PS. The committee is always looking for helpers - if you can spare a little extra time - particularly on race day give me a shout. Also you may have noticed our new 40ft. container - does anybody know anyone with some welding kit, the roof could do with a little patchwork.

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9 May 2004
Race One and the Army Triathlon Association win the 'Aphrodite Challenge' Cup

“…3, 2, 1” The hooter blares..Water, water everywhere….and I think I drank most of it. So started the first K1 Triathlon Club race of the 2004 season at JJ's Beach Club. And what a first race it was. If ever members of K1 Triathlon Club needed motivation, this race provided it.

The arrival of the Army Triathlon Association (ATA) Squad on a training camp meant that club athletes had there chance to see if all that winter training had been worthwhile. As part of the race the ATA issued the Aphrodite Challenge where a 9 man 1 woman team took on a Cyprus all-stars team from K1 and Hoplite Triathlon Clubs.

The transition area was a hive of cramped activity as 57 Triathletes jostled for a place >>>>More

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17 April 2004
Getting ready for the 2004 season

As we quickly approach the new K1 Triathlon Club race season, let us pause for a moment to dwell on what we have achieved.....individually.

I know that I have had a rough time of it over the last 18 months, it just seems to have been one injury after another. One more sign of impending old age I suppose. Anyway, the Duathlon season seems to have got me back in fine fettle.

I've bought a few new toys, especially my back pack for all my Triathlon gear, and if I'm lucky I might be able to acquire a new (to me) bike.

I've come across a new site www.trisite.com that has some great gear and training ideas, pop along and have a look, don't forget to come back though.

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7 April 2004
Half Ironman South Africa 2004

A week after the Argus Cycle Tour was the first Ironman event to be held in South Africa for a few years. It was a Half Ironman held in Port Elizabeth, about 750 km east of Cape Town. I'd been doing some running training since mid February in anticipation of this event. Some cold water swimming in Limassol as well, but knowing that the Eastern Cape water would be around 20C. The Half Ironman, a 1.9 km sea swim, followed by a 90 km bicycle and 21.1 km road run was the preparation event for the full Ironman to be held in Port Elizabeth on 21 March for the next 3 years. The organisers had struggled to find sponsorship and only secured a sponsor about 45 days before the event, but had the cooperation of the local Council which promised full road closure, one of the prerequisites in hosting an Ironman event.

 There were only around 450 competitors, of which 91 were..........more

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11 January 2004
K1 Triathlon Club to host Army Triathlon Association

I hope to have further information soon, but Bev Childs informs me that the Army Triathlon Association will be visiting the Island from the 1st to the 16th May 2004 inclusive.

If past visits are anything to go on, this will prove very beneficial to the membership, not only giving first class racing, but also the chance to receive some top class coaching

The Club therefore is re-scheduling it's race series with this in mind (calendar), with a Kids Tri on the 8th, and the grown-ups on the 9th, the race in the morning, a coaching session in the afternoon with a BBQ to follow. More will be known after the promised committee meeting.

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13 October 2003
K1 Club end of Season Spoils

This week has seen a plethora of sport in Limassol as the municipality hosted the now annual “Lemisia” series of events.  This is a week of various sports and includes – Rowing, Running, Judo, Archery and many more.  Sunday 12th October was the final event of the week – the Limassol International Triathlon.  Five Triathletes from the K1 Triathlon Club entered the event, 4 in the Standard distance race of 1500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run and one doing half the distances in the sprint event.  Although this year saw a reduced field with the Russians and Italians being unable to travel, but the competition was still as fierce as always.

The event started at 0900hrs in perfect conditions, the sea was like glass, the road closed to vehicles for the cycle route (well almost closed when the police could control it!) and a flat, fast 6 lap run.

Winning the event overall was a local Triathlete from the Cyprus Triathlon Federation, whilst the women’s winner from Malta put on an impressive show and finished the event with an overall 4th position.  Third in both categories was Daz Sharpe and Bev Childs, both of whom not only picked up a trophy, but a money purse of 300 euros!  Not a bad return for enjoying yourself on a Sunday morning!

Other K1 Triathlon Club Triathletes enjoying their Sunday morning and putting in some respectable results were – Dave Allen, Kev Flint and Haldene Van Horen.

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