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Royal Air Force Akrotiri, Limassol, Cyprus

General Race Rules

  • Both races will start at the same time under the Race Director who will sound an air horn
  • The K1 Triathlon Club will use where possible the same rules as the British Triathlon Federation
  • Everyone is to have a number written on their LEFT arm and lower RIGHT leg
  • All competitors must wear appropriate clothing at all times, Cycling or running bare-chested is not allowed
  • Race equipment must not be discarded at any point on the course, all equipment is to be placed in the athletes allotted position in the transition area
  • MP3 players or i-Pods are NOT to be used at any stage of the race
  • FAILURE to abide by the rules will incur firstly a verbal warning, then a 2 minute time penalty and finally disqualification
  • Any emergencies are to be notified to the Race Director immediately


Transition Area Rules

  • Only competitors are allowed in the Transition Area during the race.
  • All equipment must be placed in its allotted position where it may not hinder the progress of other competitors.
  • Competitors must not touch their bike until they have put on their bike helmet
  • Competitors are not to mount their bike until they have crossed the mount/dismount line; likewise they are to dismount before they cross the mount/dismount line.  Failure to do so will incur a 2 min time penalty.
  • Competitors must rack their bike before they can remove their helmet.
  • Competitors must not interfere with other competitors equipment in the transition area.


Swim Rules

  • All competitors must wear a bright coloured swim hat.
  • Kayaks and a safety boat will be deployed in the water today.
  • Competitors must enter and exit the water through the swim control point for safety reasons.
  • Weaker swimmers please start at the rear of the pack.
  • Anybody requiring assistance whilst in the water turn onto your back, raise your arm and a member of the water safety staff will come to your aid.  Backstroke is therefore not permitted during the race.
  • If the race needs to be abandoned during the swim for safety reasons the horn will sound 3 times.
  • Please take care when entering and exiting the water due to the rocks in the shallow water.
  • All Buoys are to be kept to your RIGHT.
  • You will incur a 30 second time penalty if you miss out a buoy or take a buoy on the wrong side.
  • Please shout out your number when exiting the water.


Wetsuit Regulations


Swim Length

Forbidden Above

Mandatory Below

0 - 1500m



1501 - 3000m




Bike Rules

  • Normal road rules apply throughout the race.
  • No roads have been closed for this race, be aware of traffic and pedestrians.
  • Roundabouts must be taken in the correct manner.
  • Be aware of gaps in metal gratings across the road and speed humps in several places along the route, road surfaces are not uniform so be aware of potholes.
  • This is a non-drafting event so please do not draft other competitors [2m x 3m box applies].
  • Please shout out your number when exiting and entering transition.



Run Rules

  • Competitors shall at all times run so they do not deliberately interfere with other competitors.
  • A water stop is provided on the run course but can I please ask that you put your empty bottles in the bins provided.
  • Make sure you shout out your number when you exit transition.
  • No competitor shall be permitted to continue racing if, in the opinion of any Race Official, he or she is physically incapable of continuing without potentially suffering physical damage, loss of life or a danger to others.